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Jul 30, 2015 Created with Wondershare Video Editor. Might Guy 8 gates(night guy) vs Madara(six path) full fight(Eng Sub)Feb 07, 2012  Answers. Best Answer: Kakashi died but was revived, he was killed by pain while protecting chouji. Tsunade never died but was put in a coma that lasted quite some time before she awoke. Rock lee never dies Kiba never dies Ino never dies Shikamaru never dies Gai Sensei never dies Jiraiya is naruto guy sensei death

Might Guy is the only known shinobi in history to survive activating all Eight Gates. This feat, however, was only possible with assistance from an outside source. Also, Might Guy still suffered a debilitating blow to his leg as a result of using Night Guy, preventing him from resuming his duties as a shinobi.

Shop Tshirt Guy Sensei 8 Death Gate art naruto narutoshipuden guysensei springofyouth gateofdeath tshirts designed by Memorlyside as well as other naruto narutoshipuden guysensei springofyouth gateofdeath merchandise at TeePublic. Might Guy is one of the main supporting characters in the Naruto animemanga series and the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations animemanga series. He is the sensei of team Guy which consists of him, Neji, Tenten, and Lee. Guy has also been seen many times hanging out with Naruto teaching him some things or training with him.naruto guy sensei death Answers. com Categories Literature& Language Books and Literature Manga Naruto Does guysensei die? Does guysensei die? SAVE CANCEL This foreshadows his possible death.

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Might Guy (, Maito Gai) is the leader of Team Guy who dedicates most of his time to his pupil Rock Lee, who emulates himself in his sensei's image and ideals, including his My Rules philosophy, which involves setting tough selfimposed penalties for failure in the belief that the punishment will make him stronger. naruto guy sensei death Feb 14, 2019  Guy Sensei in Naruto is Might Guy. Might Guy (Guy Sensei) is the leader of Team Guy, consisting of Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga and Tenten. His team calls him Guy Sensei Jul 09, 2015 Naruto Shippuden Episode 419 SEKIZO! EVENING ELEPHANT! ! ! Rock Lee teaches Metal EightInner Gates! ! Metal Lee Vs. Guy Sensei and Rock Lee! ! Welcome to Reddit, At the cost of his own life, Guy opened all of the Eight Inner Gates, removing the limits placed upon his body. Luckily, Naruto with Sage of Six Paths powers prevented his death. However, the damage was too great, leaving Might Guy crippled for the rest of his life. Guy is a tall and wellmuscled man. He has fair skin a strong jawline, a somewhat large nose, and black hair. He is most noticeable for his shiny bowlstyle haircut and thick eyebrows; Naruto Uzumaki affectionately calls him Master Intense Brows (, Gekimayusensei, English TV: Bushier Brows Sensei). He wears a green jumpsuit, orange striped leg warmers, and the standard Konoha

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