2 weeks post op double jaw surgery

2020-02-21 05:51

Oct 25, 2012 Day 14 Two weeks postop! Also I felt like I was justified in getting my jaw surgery because I seriously hated the way I looked because of it and it made me feel really negative about my appearance, whereas I don't think having a bit of a small chin is worth worrying about I think I would just be striving for perfection andPost Operative Instructions After Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery. After you have undergone a surgical procedure to reposition your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both, attention must be given to several aspects of postoperative care, in order to help make the recovery as quick and easy as possible. 2 weeks post op double jaw surgery

Surgery Day, You will feel strongly the effects of Anesthesia, and sleep a lot. It is critical between now and day 3 to ice regularly to minimize swelling. If you've had upper jaw surgery, standing up will most likely result in nose pouring out of your nose. This will continue for the next 2 days.

May 03, 2018 My experience with NHS braces and double jaw surgery for an overbite (2018) Southampton, UK. Bimaxillary osteotomy. Thursday, May 3, 2018. 2 weeks postop! Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd May. I can't believe it has been two weeks already since my surgery! My face is slowly getting back to normal the swelling is just a bit lopsided. Hiya just reading your post, I have just had the double jaw surgery 2. 5 weeks ago, Have only just started going for little walks and not driving yet, still on strong pain relief. I would highly recommend you have at least 4 weeks off work to heal because you will not be eating and have zero energy2 weeks post op double jaw surgery I am post operation about 8 weeks now, from my double jaw surgery, and I feel 10, 000, 000X better then I did first and second week postop. When I first woke up post surgery, I

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My lower jaw moved after surgery? 2 weeks ago I had a double jaw surgery. They moved my upper jaw forward and down and my lower jaw backwards. A week after the surgery, my surgent saw that my lower jaw moved to the left. He didn't know what happened and said after the surgery 2 weeks post op double jaw surgery 8 weeks after double jaw surgery I cannot believe the op was 2 months ago! The fact that I still feel 'not myself' goes to show that recovery from an op like this is slow. It often frustrates me, but I suppose I've got to count my blessings. 8 weeks after double jaw surgery; 7 weeks post double jaw surgery; Keep calm and carry on! COULD May 31, 2016  I am 2 weeks postop, how did that happen? Each day has been different, some longer than others and still cant believe it has actually happened. I decided to share recovery to help people understand what its like going through jaw surgery and in my previous blog Week 1 I Apr 07, 2013  Last week, I had my first postop orthodontist visit. Dr. C. told me that out of the last 100 jaw surgery patients hes seen in person or on paper, Im in the top 5 in terms of result and recovery. 8 Weeks Post Double Jaw Surgery Wow, 8 weeks post surgery! I remember when surgery was a little flicker in my mind, the first proper consideration, the panic, the initial research and then off I went on this long old journey! At 2 weeks post op I was given the green light to eat mush, so things like scrambled egg, mash potato and rice

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