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2020-02-28 01:29

When used with double glazing and thermal breaks this system is easily capable of providing an overall U Value of 1. 6W mK to comply with Building Regulation Document L. that apply to Patent Glazing systems and until such standards are produced it is not possible to CE Mark our glazing systems. We will of couse comply with CE MarkingCE Marking, that sign of something very European, is coming to our industry in July of this year. CE Marking is replacing the current Construction Products Directive. What Is CE Marking? The CE mark looks like this: A CE mark at the moment is required in Europe for ce marking double glazing

Look for the CE Mark on Glazing& Doors. Double glazed windows marked with the CE logo are hEN compliant and it is important to check this before purchasing replacement windows. hENs apply to basic float glass, coated glass, toughened glass, laminated glass and energy efficient glass.

CE Marking. We have the CE Marking accreditation meaning our double glazed units are of the highest quality and meet all the industry standards, you can download the accreditation below. CE Marking and harmonised European Norms for quality compliance. All products manufactured in Europe, including double glazing window, must now comply with the harmonised European Norms (hENs), to ensure European wide technical standards are met.ce marking double glazing Double skin insulated panels. Glass. Insulated glazing units. Construction fixings The list of performance criteria, particularly for curtain wall, that need to be covered by CE marking is extensive and can take the form of historical or project test data or calculations as applicable. Examples of the elements that need to be covered are below.

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CE marking and how it affects planners Monday, January 27th, 2014 From 1st July European Union regulations make it is mandatory for most construction products, including replacement double glazed windows, to carry the CE mark. ce marking double glazing CE Marking Technical Information is available for the above products by selecting the Product Brand Name in the section Product& CE Marking information. Other relevant information can be attained from the FAQs Section as well as the Questions& Answers CE Marking: What Is Right And What Isnt! Wow, after months and months it appears that there is still doubt and misinformation out there about the impending CE Marking. The Twitter discussions on Wednesday proved that, so, as asked by GGF President Mark Warren, I have been asked to write a post to try and help clarify a few things about it!

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