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Side B of the original vinyl (featuring songs 2& 3) was titled Garage Days Revisited . The original pressing slightly differs from subsequent reissues, its back cover showing a moon over the landscape which was removed afterwards.Jul 25, 2006 creeping death over the album cover. creeping death over the album cover. Skip navigation Creeping Death; Artist Metallica; Album Ride The Lightning; Writers Cliff Burton, James Hetfield, Lars album creeping death metallica

About Creeping Death Based on the story of the first Passover from the Book of Exodus, Creeping Death is a brutal retelling of the story of the Angel Of Death.

AllMusic Review by. For those still wondering why Metallica's 1987 Garage Days EP was dubbed rerevisited, here's your answer: Along with Creeping Death, the classic track from their second album Ride the Lightning, this European release features Metallica's first attempts at covering their new wave of British heavy metal heroes. 40 rows  Exodus' Creeping Death: This song is originally written by Kirk's former band Exodus. Exodusalbum creeping death metallica Travis from Minneaplouis, Mn In my oppinion CREEPING DEATH, next to FADE TO BLACK is the strongest song on their 2ed album RIDE THE LIGHTNING, to me this song shows the way a metal song should be 1. KILLER INTO, sweet drum solo in to the main RIFF 2. ASS KICKIN'LYRICS, also a VERY chachty chorus 3. a LOUD SOLO, CREEPING DEATH, has a main school

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