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Jan 10, 2010  DNA Properties. DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the basic hereditary material present in all the cells of an organism and basically provides a blue print for the cells functions, growth, reproduction and death. The structure of the DNA called the doublestranded helical structure was first described by Watson and Crick in 1953.A distinct group of DNAbinding proteins is the DNAbinding proteins that specifically bind singlestranded DNA. In humans, replication protein A is the bestunderstood member of this family and is used in processes where the double helix is separated, including dna double helix properties

Nucleic acid double helix. The double helix structure of DNA contains a major groove and minor groove. In BDNA the major groove is wider than the minor groove. Given the difference in widths of the major groove and minor groove, many proteins which bind to BDNA do so through the wider major groove.

DNA is made of two helical chains coiled around the same axis, to form a righthanded double helix. 2. The two chains in the helix are antiparallel to each other, i. e. , the 5end of one polynucleotide chain and the 3end of the other polynucleotide chain is on the same side and close together. Properties of DNA. very stable at room temperatures because the hydrogen and hydrophobic bonds between the stacked bases hold the two polynucleotide chains together, if a solution of DNA is heated to a critical temperature, these bonds are broken and the two polynucleotide strands separate by a process called denaturation.dna double helix properties DNA replication is the biological process by which a doublestranded DNA helix is copied, producing two identical replicas. The double helix structure is key to the process of DNA replication and is the basis of the most famous quote from the original paper by Watson and Crick describing the double helix

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DNA is a selfreplicating molecule. What accounts for this important property of DNA? The nitrogenous bases of the double helix are paired in specific combinations: A with T and G with C. dna double helix properties DNA double helix destabilizing properties of cyclobisintercaland compounds and competition with a single strand binding protein. Author links open overlay panel MariePaule TeuladeFichou a Mireille Fauquet b Olivier Baudoin a JeanPierre Vigneron a JeanMarie Lehn a. Show more. Properties of the DNA Double Helix. The image of the DNa double helix is practically iconic in our culture. This structure, as you all know, was propsoed by James Watson and Francis Crick in their classic paper in nature (click here for a copy of their original short 1953 paper). The double helix is represented in three ways in Figure 2. 14: Show transcribed image text Select the phrases that accurately describe properties of the most common form of the DNA double helix. There is more than one correct answer. Select all that apply. DNA contains equal amounts of adenine and thymine, and equal amounts of cytosine and guanine. A helical turn consists of about 10 nucleotides. DNA is also found in mitochondria and chloroplasts. In 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick established the structure of DNA. The shape of DNA is a double helix, which is like a twisted ladder. The sides of the ladder are made of alternating sugar and phosphate molecules. The sugar is a pentose called deoxyribose. Color all the

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