Windows 8 double tap not working

2020-02-19 17:36

Dec 02, 2016 The pointer is working, but the tapdouble tap feature all of the sudden stopped working. I did a system restore to a previous endpoint thinking that would help the problem which unfortunately it did not. I did the FNF9 action, that did not work. I checked the mouse settings in the control panel and everything appears to be working.Sep 21, 2014  Enable Double Tap To Wake Up On Windows 8. 1 BeTech. Fix HP Stuck in Boot Loop or Freezes at Getting Windows Ready Preparing Automatic Repair Lumia side button not working windows 8 double tap not working

Feb 05, 2016  Hello, I use a HP laptop& since the last few days I am not able to open any files or click on something since the left (main) key& double tap on the mouse pad are not working! Although I am able to move the cursorpointer over the touch pad& the right click is working fine as well! I

Mar 03, 2019  Double Tap and Drag on Mousepad not working. Any ideas on this windows 8? Log in or Sign up. Windows 10 Forums. Double Tap and Drag on Mousepad not working. Windows 8. 1 (HELP) Discussion in 'Windows 8 forums' started by windows8. 1help, Jun If Synaptics two finger right click is not working on a touch enabled Windows 8. 1 device, then this article will show you how to fix this 8 double tap not working Jan 19, 2014 A little confused on your statement, the OP stated that he has an AT& T 520 with Amber, but double tap Does Not work. I have the same situation: a AT& T 520, Amber upgrade, I do have the box to enable it, it is is enable but no double tap.

Windows 8 double tap not working free

That program has something like when you double click and item to select. But in the tablet, you will have to double tap that one. But double tapping the item will do nothing. It will only highlight though in first click, but when double tapping it, nothing. What could be the issue in Windows 8 windows 8 double tap not working Dec 18, 2014 The double tap to wake did work for the first few days of using this phone, then the double tap to wake no longer worked. I have done a reset and it is still not working. This seems to be a known issue. Will there be an update to fix this fault, or do I need to send the phone back to amazon where I bought it? Thanks Even though Two Finger Scroll was last updated back in 2009, its compatible with all recent versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and the latest Windows 8. 1. How to enable twofinger tap for rightclick in Windows: Step 1: Head over to this page and download Two Finger Scroll zip file. Hello, I just Bought Envy dv6, after inital setup i found that the double tap is not working as expected, i mean i am unable to drag& drop Double Tap on TouchPAD is not working Windows 10, at the end of 2016, from COSTCO. The touchpad has been AWFUL! Just got a brand new laptop, Dell Inspiron 11 3137, and updated to windows 8. 1. The touchpad does not work properly now; not working. I've spent over 16 hours getting windows 8. 1 installed and then troubleshooting this issue. I've contacted Dell; updated the driver from

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