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Born in Darcey, France as Nicholas Perreault, his surname, like many immigrants, became shortened to Perrot and it has held to this day. He first came to Canada as a young man and was indentured to aPerrault Nicolas or Perrot was born about 1643, originaire of the baronnie of Darcey, dAutun diocse, in Burgundy (CtedOr ). Nicolas crosses the seas at the latest in 1660, it has then only 17 years. It works for the Jsuites that linstruisent and do for him to learn the dialectes of quils tribes visit. nicolas perrot death

Nicolas Perrot, (born 1644, Francedied Aug. 13, 1717, Lower Canada), French fur trader, North American colonial official, and explorer. Perrot immigrated to New France (Canada) as a youth, and his services there under the Jesuits and Sulpicians enabled him to

NICOLAS. Such are the memoirs consigned to paper by Perrot, who died on 13 Aug. 1717 at about the age of 74 and who was buried the next day in the church at Bcancour. Nine of his 11 children, 5 boys and 4 girls, outlived him, and none of them seems to have felt any urge to Nicolas Perrot and Madeleine Raclos The Perrault family originated in France, probably in the Bourgogne or Burgundy region. The family name was originally spelled Perrot, and the earliest known Perrot was Franois, who was born about 1590.nicolas perrot death Nicolas Perrot is a well known French Celebrity. Nicolas Perrot was born on 1644 in Birth Place Not Known. Let's check about Nicolas Perrot's estimated Net Worth in 2019, Salary, Height, Age, Measurements, Biography, Family, Affairs, Wiki& Much More!

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Biography. Nicolas Perrot died on the 13th of August 1717 at about the age of 74. He was buried the next day in the church at Bcancour. Nine of his eleven children outlived him. His wife died in 1724. Perrot State Park, near the confluence of the Trempealeau and Mississippi Rivers in nicolas perrot death

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