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American Yellow (Dilute): This mutation does not effect the birds feather pigment at all though. It works the feather structure allowing more light in, and making the feathers appear darker. On most Peach Face Lovebirds it is easy to detect if the bird is a single factor, double factor, or has no dark factor at all.Blue Masked Mutation and Normal Black Masked. The reason for their common name is obvious, although some mutations do not show the black mask, such as the albino mutation shown below. When you hear about blue masked lovebirds they are actually blue BLACK masked lovebirds. The blue does not denote the mask, but the ground color of the mutation. double factor lovebird

Dutch Blue& Blue Pied Peach faced Lovebirds. You also have factors such as Dark Factor and Violet Factor. The dark factor basically darkens the color of the bird. So a blue mutation with one dark factor would be called Medium Blue if it had two dark factors it

Rosyfaced lovebird colour genetics. The science of rosyfaced lovebird colour genetics deals with the heredity of colour variation in the feathers of the species known as Agapornis roseicollis, commonly known as the rosyfaced lovebird or peachfaced lovebird. Rosyfaced lovebirds have the deepest range of mutations available How can the answer be improved?double factor lovebird Jun 17, 2011 DF violet they are refering to DF violet D blue. In European show standards, accepted violet birds have 1 dark factor with 1 or 2 violet factors. I know someone in the US with various violet (sfdf) and DD masked, she has wonderful birds, probably the best i've seen over that side of the pond.

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Cobalt Slate, Double Dark Factors. This lovebird babys mom is the cousin of Buttercups mom. The babys dad is a whiteface slate with only a hint of the apricot band. They had three babies like this, and one that is a lovely pale American Cinnamon Seagreen violet. Their last clutch were all American cinnamon violets. double factor lovebird When Violet Factor is present in a Green series bird, it is referred to a Violet Green, two Dark Factors is reffered to as Double Factor Violet Green. In the Blue series, a Single Violet Factor is known as Violet and a Double Dark Factor is known as Double Factor Violet or Visual Violet. Additional Comments. Have A Opaline Dark Factor Double Violet Lovebird Baby, Handfed and Hand Tame We take pride in raising our babies to be very sweet and loving. all are on the best diets available. Dark Factors and Double Dark Factors. In PeachFaced Lovebirds especially, Dark Factor mutations can create some interesting birds. Because it is a partial dominant mutation and one that is not related to the actual pigmentation of the bird, it can be combined with just about every other color mutation. Violet Lovebird. In their body, it is the violet rump which demonstrates that the lovebird carries the violet factor. The whiteface can also vary from a profound apricot band across their forehead to a pure white mask while the pied violet lovebird came from a pied slate hen and whitefaced violet cock.

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