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How to obtain Mustard Mustard can be obtained in several ways during a Fantasy Life Mustard can be obtained in the process of gathering, used in crafting, can be bought sold. Can used in crafting Cooking enhancer. Mustard required for quest x 3. Item drop by Dragon Mustard in Grassy Plains. Mustard sold by Cocina Rica Merchant (Port Puerto).Dragon Mustards are an uncommon enemy found in the East Grassy Plains. fantasy life dragon mustard

Sep 27, 2014 Fantasy Life; where are the dragon mustard? User Info: Jelmerc. Jelmerc 4 years ago# 1. Hey guys, for the love of god, i cannot find the dragon Mustard. . they should be in the east grassy plains, and i need them for my mercenary quest masked menace Im allready lvl 32, and expert in mercenary, but havent seen these guys once. .

The Dragon Mustard will probably be your toughest challengenot fighting it, but finding it, rather. It usually spawns with Carrotys, so look around the highlands to the northwest, centre and east. If you cant find it, leave the plains and reenter. Sep 29, 2016 Fantasy Life Part 11: Mustard Dragons& Dragon Mustards! (Nintendo 3DS Playthrough) Chaott. Loading Unsubscribe from Chaott? Cancel Unsubscribe. Workingfantasy life dragon mustard As a Mercenary, defeat 1 Dragon Mustard in the East Grassy Plains. 50 Fantasy Life Wiki Guide. Life. Life. Paladin. Wizard. Mercenary. Items Enemies. 3DS Cheats. Wiki Tools

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A category of Consumables which can be added to Cooking recipes, but are not ingredients themselves. When added to the correct recipe, Condiments increase the chance of a Superior dish and an extra item. Condiments: Black Pepper, Butter, Ginger, Mustard, Red Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Vinegar, Wasabi fantasy life dragon mustard Spirit of Earth in the Elderwood. A Spirit of Earth in the player's party during the Magician tutorial quest. An earth spirit personified. Can freely harness the power of trees and the earth. The Spirit of Earth takes the shape of a small, leaflike creature. Location. The north end of of the Elderwood, by the Great Elderwood Tree. Drops Dec 03, 2014 For Fantasy Life on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Where is dragon mustard? .

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