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He died on 19 August 2013 at the age of 63, after fighting cancer. He is survived by wife Vasantha and two sons Valavan and Suratha.Aug 20, 2013  Prof. Periyardasan's Dead body was donated to students of Madras Medical College today Red Pix Wellknown Periyarist and psychotherapist Abdullha Periyardasan (64) passed away on actor periyardasan death

Date of death: Star sign: Virgo An inspiring speaker, philosopher, and an actor Periyar Dasan was born as Seschalam on 21st August 1949 in Agaram Village of North Arcot, Tamil Nadu.

Sitaram Panchal. Known for his role in acclaimed movies like Peepli Live and Paan Singh Tomar , the actor died in August 2017. Panchal passed away after battling poverty and was unable to even bear the cost of his treatment. Ahuti Prasad (2 January 1958 4 January 2015) was an Indian character actor in the Telugu film industry. [3 [4 He was renowned for the wide variety of roles he played, including fatherfigure, comedian, and periyardasan death Feb 10, 2019  Carmen Argenziano who's perhaps best known from Stargate SG1 has died TMZ has learned. Argenziano passed away Sunday, according to

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Dec 23, 2011 TAMIL NADU FATHER THANTHAI PERIYAR DEATH RARE VIDEO. actor periyardasan death Feb 08, 2019 A family spokesman said the actor died after a short, undisclosed illness. Finney had kidney cancer back in 2011, but it's unclear if it was related to his death. Find out which actors and actresses are alive and which are dead. Periyar Dasan (21 August 1949 19 August 2013) was an eminent speaker and activist from Tamil Nadu. He was a Tamil Scholar and thinker. He was a Tamil Scholar and thinker. He propagated Atheism and Rationalist ideologies for most part of his life. Sridevi Kapoor, Bollywood superstar, dies aged 54. A versatile performer, who became one of the first women to dominate Indian cinema from the 1970s, Sridevi was celebrated for her ability to bring nuance and depth to her roles. She made her debut half a century ago as a child actor in the Tamil film industry, winning her first lead role in Bollywood in 1979s Solva Sawan.

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