Chinese water dragon eating cockroach

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Apr 02, 2016 Chinese Water Dragon eating Dubia Roaches# 2. 3 years ago 7 views. Johnny Lane. Follow. Chinese Water Dragon eating Dubia Roaches# 2. Report. Report this video. Select an issue. Sexual content; Violent content; Defamation or Hateful content; Fake news story; Embed the video.Jul 13, 2011  Though they will also eat vegetation, the diet of the water dragon consists mainly of insects, supplemented with an occasional small fish, mammal or reptile. For the captive lizard, crickets, locusts, cockroaches and mealworms are good stable foods, and they may eat as many as 35 during feeding, depending on the size. chinese water dragon eating cockroach

Dec 13, 2013 My chinese water dragon takes quite a lot of time to eat a dubia roachthat is why i chose to make this video in fast motion.

ANSWER# 5 of 6. Water dragons are omnivores, eating mostly insects with some veggies and fruit on the side. About 80 to 90 of the dragons diet should be made up of insects. The other 10 to 20 can be made up of veggies and fruit. Crickets, butter worms, grasshoppers, wax worms and roaches are all common feeder bugs. Jun 10, 2017 So today I have another feeding video guys. We are gonna be feeding Wabisuke the Chinese Water Dragon Lizard a Madagascar hissing cockroach. Hopefully he can tear through the hissers tough armorchinese water dragon eating cockroach Nov 22, 2012  i have a chinese water dragon and hes about 10 inches i have had him for about 2 months now and he will only eat crickets ive tried mealworms, fish and baby roaches but he ONLY EATS CRICKETS somtimes i also try to feed him greens and fruits he wont eat those either and im really conserned can it cause i problem to his health? is there anything i can do to get him to eat somthing

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