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Apr 12, 2013  Apr 11, 2013 at 6: 37am. Two single factor Spangles should give around 25 Double Factor Spangles. They can be either male or female. Always treat your pets as family members. There is no creature on [or within the earth or bird that flies withSep 29, 2018 Dear friends if you dont know about double factor spangle budgies, plz watch this video and you will get to know about 'DFS double factor spangle budgies

The description given above of the father and the two sons gave us the clue that they were of the single factor mutant 2 Yellowface, hence the description of the limy green. It now gives the indication that the funny coloured wing baby was actually a Spangle Yellowface Single Factor Mutant 2 Blue cock.

Spangles. They are grands of Yolk below; hopefully their gorgeousness wont be left out by judges during 2014 English Budgies Show season. Our 2012 Spangle babies, each of them was awarded later on in 2013. Yolk Truly Sleeping Beauty Beautiful 2011 Double Factor Spangle cock, the father of Mature Adult Cere Color. True Feather Pattern: Spangle feathers are NOT a reversed normal pattern. Normal budgies have black feathers with yellow or white edging. If a the spangle mutation simply reversed, the markings their feathers would be white with black edges which they are not. Rather the spangle mutation removes the pigment fromdouble factor spangle budgies Nov 21, 2018 Double Factor Double Factor 100 Double Factor These are the different types of mutations that we can take it from the normal budgies, Single Factor Budgies, Double Factor Budgies.

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Double Factor Spangles. A double factor Spangle differs from a single factor Spangle, which you can read about here. The double factor Spangle is a plain white or yellow bird, with silvery white cheek patches, dark eyes with an iris ring and normal colored feet, legs and cere. double factor spangle budgies Double Factor Spangle English budgie SINGLE Factor Spangle: The markings on the wings, the throat spots and the tail feathers are altered on the single factor Spangle. The feathers have a white or yellow edge, then a thin black pencil line, then the center of the feather is yellow or white. The Beautiful Spangle Budgie. The single factor has just one Spangle gene whilst the double factor has two. For now I will discuss the physical appearance of each. The single factor Spangle has the markings on the wings, the throat spots and the tail feathers altered. The wing feathers appear to have a black edge with either a yellow or white center, Post Talk Budgies is a website for budgie owners and enthusiasts to learn about best practices for budgie care. Thread: double factor. View Single Post# 8 so double factor spangle can b split of red eye like single factor spangle can b split of red eyes? Budgie Mutation And Color Guides Digital Products For Sale Bird Supplements For Sale From Left To Right (12) SF Yellowface I, White Based Spangle (34) SF Goldenface, White Based DF Spangle. Body Color: Yellow or white Head Barring Wing And Throat Spot Markings: Head and wings should be clear light yellow or white with no markings.

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