Savage/fox.410 double barrel shotgun

2020-02-28 02:35

Savage SidebySide Shotguns: . Excellent Through the 1954 catalog the Model B remained a double trigger, plain extractor, slim forearm utility gun. By 1973, the BSE and 16gauges are gone, but there is a 24inch barrel B in 12gauge and 20gauge, both with 3inch chambers.Nov 24, 2013 Part 1 of how to take apart a savage fox double barrel shotgun. Part 1 of how to take apart a savage fox double barrel shotgun. Savage fox disassembly CrazyBulletMan4. Loading savage/fox.410 double barrel shotgun

Jan 02, 2015 I bought my second double gun today. My first was only in my possession for a week before I ended up trading it to a friend who clearly loved it much more than I. I never even shot it. By 1973, the BSE and 16gauges are gone, but there is a 24inch barrel B in 12gauge and 20gauge, both with 3inch chambers. For 1974 the Savage 550 is gone

The usual barrel lengths were 30, 28, and 26 inches in 12 gauge and 28 and 26 inches in 16 and 20 gauge, although some guns with 24 inch barrels were sold. All. 410 bore guns came with 26 barrels. This is not a slim, lightweight double gun built on the British pattern. Rather it is a solid American gun designed to shoot heavy American Aug 09, 2007 I have to tell you that at the very least you have a common Savage 410 double barrel shotgun worth a few hundred dollars (300up) or in fact you can have an A. H Fox, SE grade worth thousands. I have a personal love for Fox shotguns as Mr. Ansley H. Fox was in fact from Baltimore, Maryland where I was born and raised.savage/fox.410 double barrel shotgun Fox Model B side by side shotgun, . 410 gauge, 26 vent rib barrels, double triggers, checkered walnut stock, NSN, REQUIRES FFL TRANSFER Start Price: 300. 00. FOX MODEL B DOUBLE BARREL. 410 GAUGE SHOTGUN. Estimate 400 600 Oct 31, 2015. See Sold Price 3 Bids. Sell a Similar Item. Save Item. Austin Auction Gallery. Austin, TX, USA.

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Savage Stevens. SHOTGUN BUTTSTOCKS. AND FORENDS. All stocks are American walnut unless otherwise noted: Stevens Model 311, 511, 530 SxS ( model 5100 ) Stevens Model 215 exposed hammer double barrel shotgun. SemiFinished Walnut. Buttstock. 12, 16, 20, 410GA. 54. 95: 706. Buttplate wscrews. 14. 95: No longer available 709. Splinter savage/fox.410 double barrel shotgun Jan 21, 2010 Your shotgun is worth quite a bit, possibly as much as 1100. Check out the Blue Book values: MODEL B DOUBLE BARREL 12, 16, 20 ga. , or. 410 bore, 2430 in. barrels, various chokes, vent rib on newer models, boxlock, extractors, double triggers, handcut or pressed checkered pistol grip stock and forearm. savage 311 12ga shotgun sxs double barrel. gi# : . savage 12 ga. 311 sxs double barrel shotgun. 28 inch barrel bluing in good condition. wood has some handling marks. case colors are still very good. action is tight. this should be a fine shooting g Description: Up for sale is a useed SavageFox BSE Series H Shotgun (. 410). This item has a set of 26 vent rib barrels with fixed chokes (LeftLight Modified& RightImproved Modified). The blueing is in nice shape but does show a spot of wear on the right barrel just ahead of the receiver and I think mine says BSE on the side? Ill have to dig er outta the safe. Anyhow mine doesnt fire the first barrel anymore, to find a smith to work on it. Love the gun. SavageFox. 410 double to a higher end nice . 410 is like comparing a 1920 to a Savage model 14. Like night and day. Only double shotgun I own is a

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