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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative WorksCharacter Maraas Race Qunari Gender Male Title Mercenary Affiliation TalVashoth Voice Keith Szarabajka Appearances Dragon Age II Maraas is a TalVashoth former bandit now working as a mercenary. Involvement Click here to reveal spoilers for Dragon Age II. He is a Qunari warrior, first maraas dragon age

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May 16, 2012 For Dragon Age II on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Question concerning Maraas. . Maraas raised her head off the pillows and turned to look to her other side. The thick brown curls was an unusual sight only because it was a mess, but what lay beneath was a face she never wanted to forget.maraas dragon age Games Dragon Age. FollowFav Maraas. By: Arthasfreak. A male Qunari Inq. and Cassandra romance fic. Set after the events of the game, right before the epilogue. My thoughts of how the exchange would go before Cassandra goes on to become Divine. Dragon Age is copyright of BioWare and EA. All characters are theirs, though the personality of the

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Maraas growled unhappily and followed the silent mage. Hawke strode down the path lost in thought. He had tricked her and the thought angered her but she also knew that he cared about her a great deal, and the sex, well the sex was on a par with Him, maybe better as Maraas was better proportioned for her body, big but not painfully so. maraas dragon age Accessory Meraas Type Amulet Stats 1 armor 4 fortitude Location TalVashoth Cavern Act 1 Quests Blackpowder Promise Value 26 Item ID genimaccamuact104 Appearances Dragon Age II Meraas is a unique amulet in Dragon Age II. Maraas is a rather curious character, for while he has abandoned the Qun and become a TalVashoth, he has also abandoned the TalVashoth as well. Disinterested in their ruthless and barbaric mannerisms of looting and murdering supply caravans, he left the TalVashoth group he was a part of to become a free lance mercenary.

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