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2020-02-29 00:48

Echinacea, Double Scoop Orangeberry. Hardy and very easy to grow. A superb addition to the Double Scoop line, with thick layers of petals in brilliant orangered. Plants are upright and sturdy, with extended bloom from late spring to late summer. One of the very best for overwintering and branching; easy to grow without staking.Plant number: . (Balscoberr) A new series of Coneflower bred to produce wellbranched, sturdy and compact plants with excellent hardiness. This selection produces large, double flowers with a raspberry centre cushion surrounded by orange flared petals. Ideal for sunny borders and growing in mixed containers. Attractive to butterflies. coneflower double scoop orangeberry

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Monrovia's Double Scoop Cranberry Coneflower details and information. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. Retailers& Pro e Gift Card My Cart Login By clicking LOGIN , you are logging into monrovia's website. Grower Information: Abundant, fully double flowers boast brilliant, nonfading color. Very hardy plants overwinter well and provide longlasting garden enjoyment. Firstrate branching for more flowers and superior show at retail. More compact than the competition.coneflower double scoop orangeberry Echinacea Double Scoop 'Orangeberry' Double Scoop Coneflower. Zn 4 to 9. A new Darwin Perennials introduction. Compact, bushy plant bears masses of fully double, brilliant, orangescarlet blooms from late spring until late summer. Easily grown in sun to part shade in any good, welldrained soil. Sturdy upright form.

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New Garden Plants is your convenient online garden plants center. selection includes perennials, annuals, petunias, coneflowers, and other flowers and plants. coneflower double scoop orangeberry Proven Winners Double Scoop Orangeberry Coneflower Echinacea hybrid red redorange plant details, information and resources. Details. (Coneflower) Echinacea DOUBLE SCOOP Orangeberry is a double scoop of pleasure for the garden. The unique magenta orange, double blooms boast a pop of color that does not fade. The dark green foliage of DOUBLE SCOOP Orangeberry has a very sturdy upright habit that does not flop. Standing 2426 inches tall, Coneflower. Delectable sherbet tones: A scoop of raspberry pink sits atop draping tangerine orange petals. It will quickly form a dense, wellbranched clump offering dozens of blossoms for cutting. Its hard to imagine a sunny perennial border without Echinacea! Butterflies love the

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