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As a matter of fact, if it werent for Carrys Shonuff' character, The Last Dragon would have probably been lost in the wind and buried with the likes of other cult classics like the 80s movie, Actor, Taimak, who played the Last Dragons lead role of Bruce Leroy,The Last Dragon Tribute Keeping The Glow Alive. ShoNuff The Shogun of Harlem played by the late Julius Carry should go down in history as one of the greatest movie villains of alltime, right up there with the likes of Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter, Heath Ledgers Joker and the shark in Jaws. the last dragon sho nuff vs leroy

Sho'nuff and his gang later break in and assault one of the students at Leroy's martial arts school, Johnny Yu (Glen Eaton), demanding that Leroy bow before Sho'nuff. Finally, Sho'nuff and his gang attempt to send a message to Leroy by destroying the Green family pizza restaurant.

Martial arts student, Leroy Green (Taimak), is on a quest to obtain the elusive allpowerful force known as The Glow. Along the way, he must battle the evil, selfproclaimed Shogun of Harlem a kungfu warrior also known as Sho'nuff (Julius J. Carry III) and rescue a beautiful singer (Prince protegee, Vanity) from an obsessed record promoter. Mar 23, 2015 Filed Under: Movies, The Last Dragon, Sho'nuff, Bruce LeRoy, Berry Gordy, kung fu Shea Serrano is a staff writer for Grantland. His latest book, The Rap Year Book: The Most Important Rap Song From Every Year Since 1979, Discussed, Debated and Deconstructed, is a New York Times best seller and is available everywhere.the last dragon sho nuff vs leroy Good Colors, Evil Colors: Leroy's gold vs. Sho'Nuff's blood red glow . Groin Attack: The signature attack of Leroy's little brother. His attempt to take on the baddies is abruptly ended by a Mook with the foresight to wear a cup.

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Along the way he saves the local distressed damsel, and goes up against the villainous duo of Sho'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, and white business mogul Eddie Arkadian. Quite enjoyable, in an utterly braindead overthetop kind of way. Not to be confused with the novel Last Dragon. Contains examples of: Edit. Arrogant Kung Fu Guy Sho'Nuff! ! the last dragon sho nuff vs leroy Apr 05, 2009 OMG! ! ! Just look @ this clip from Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon ! ! first there's Shonuff the very pimp like shogun of harlem. Then there's bruce leroy a black version of bruce lee and his May 01, 2014  Last Dragon fans it may be true. An independent has created the video fighting game Kings of KungFu& it stars characters from our fav Martial Arts Flicks including The Last Dragon! Leroy vs Shonuff! ! ! in a Video Game? ! ? ! He has taken the likenesses of some of his favorite classic martial arts movie characters; heroes and villains, and Mar 22, 1985  When Sho'nuff's crew enters the theater, the gang members stand on either side, in mixed lines of 3. When the camera cuts back, 3 women are

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