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2020-02-29 00:10

Star Cameron Monaghan talks with THR about Jerome's big episode. This story contains spoilers for Gotham season two, And what does Jerome's death mean for the future of the Joker? Use theJoker actor Cameron Monaghan teased the upcoming episode with stills in a recent Instagram post with the caption, Tomorrow is a great, big, awesome episode of# Gotham. cameron monaghan joker death

Gotham 's Cameron Monaghan Talks About Deadly Twist, His Animated Idol, Losing Sleep Over 'Joker' Role. Ultimately, Theo would play the role of hero in front of the citys elite, in part by going off script and plunging a knife into Jeromes neck. Here, Shameless star Cameron Monaghan shares the secrets behind his Gotham run, including his main inspiration in playing that joker Jerome, and how the wild

But we already know there's an entire episode focusing on ACE Chemicals that will likely show us the true origin of the Joker. Actor Cameron Monaghan spoke with ComicBook. com Gotham Postmortem: Cameron Monaghan Breaks Down Jerome's Last Laugh . Well, the joke was on us! On Monday's Gotham, the show abruptly ended its time with breakout villain Jerome Valeska (guest star Cameron Monaghan) when he met a surprising and untimely death at the hands of his mentorbenefactor Theo Galavan ( James Frain ).cameron monaghan joker death Cameron Monaghan is terrifying First up, the 24yearold actor tasked with bringing Gotham 's Jokeresque character to life is positively terrifying in the role.

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Cameron Monaghan (@cameronmonaghan) May 12, 2018 Now with the show confirmed to be finishing after season five, don't expect to see the actual Joker by the show's end. cameron monaghan joker death The Joker, in our hearts, he is his own character. We really tried to think about that and stay true to that. Obviously Cameron [Monaghan, he's just embodied the character in such an incredible way. I think that's what makes him so exciting is that he's not the Joker. He is Jerome. Cameron Monaghans Long, Twisted Journey to Bring the Joker (Back) to Life The 'Gotham' scenestealer talks death, return and what makes charismatic showmen so dangerous By Vinnie Mancuso Cameron Monaghan surprised many when he announced earlier this season that he was stepping away from Shameless, a role hes been playing since the show began airing in 2011. Cameron Riley Monaghan is an American actor and model. Beginning with his professional career as a child model at the age of three, and child actor at the age of seven, Monaghan is best known for his role as Ian Gallagher on the Showtime comedydrama series Shameless. He has also appeared as twins Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska, characters acting as precursors to the DC Comics supervillain the Joker

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