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Each death mask is located in different areas of the mansion. The first one you get to get is where you use the Herbicide. The 2nd one is in the knight's room near Richard.Grab anyall of the five Green Herbs lying in the room. The Death Mask is at the back of the room. Death Mask 3 Acquired Only one more of these ridiculous Death Masks! Quest for the Death Mask 4 of 4 Exit the Plant Room and go back to the fork in the hall this time going down the other path. death masks resident evil archives

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Jan 21, 2015 Locations for Death Masks? I never played the remake but played the original RE a looooong time ago and was wondering if anyone knew the locations for the death masks, I only need one more however I can't seem to find where it is and if you go down to where you place them its the very first death mask that I'm missing. Jun 23, 2009  Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Cheats. Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii. but don't worry; when all four death masksdeath masks resident evil archives How do you solve the color wall puzzle resident evil archives. Resident Evil 5 Guide Complete guide to Resident Evil 5, includes 30 videos with detailed gameplay and strategies to beat all the bosses.

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Scroll down to read our guide named Death Masks Guide for Resident Evil on GameCube (GameCube), or click the above links for more cheats. death masks resident evil archives Jan 21, 2015  Resident Evil Remastered: Death Masks Tutorial 25 Strangest Last Meal Requests On Death Row Duration: 10: 04. Top Trending 16, 492, 364 views. 10: 04. The Complete Resident Evil Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Walkthrough& Strategy Guide. Published: Jan 22, 2009. SpoilerFree Appendix. Sword Key [1 Get the GREEN ARROW from the second floor hallway (Mansion's West Wing). Death Mask# 2 Located in the conservatory, first floor, Mansion West Wing. The door is in the hallway that also leads to the tiger statue. Jun 13, 2002 Resident Evil 0, due to release in Fall 2002, will be a prequel and explain what happened to the Bravo team and how Rebecca became mixed up in the Umbrella mess and how she survived. Resident Evil 2 takes place in Racoon City, with Claire Redfield and Leon, a new RPD recruit, taking on the TVirus spread throughout the city. Mar 30, 2013 Finally we do the painting puzzle to raise the wall to the second Death Mask! Resident Evil RemakeArchives: WiiGamecube HD Chris Walkthrough Part 1 https:

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