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It was common medieval practice to perform with whatever voices or instruments were at hand. true The shawm had largely disappeared from western Europe by the end of the Renaissance.List of woodwind instruments. Jump to navigation Jump to search Flutes. Piccolo; Western concert flute a double recorder) (Serbia) Flageolet (France) Fluier (Romania) Frula (Serbia, Bosnia& Hercegovina, Croatia) Fujara (Slovakia) (Europe) Rackett (Europe) Reed contrabassContrabass anche; Rhaita (North Africa) Rothphone; double reed instruments in western europe

European and African doublereed instruments The Moorish invasion of Iberian resulted in the spread of instruments like the shawm. In much of central Spain it is known as the dulzaina.

The dulcian is a Renaissance woodwind instrument, with a double reed and a folded conical bore. Equivalent terms include English: curtal, German: It was played in both secular and sacred contexts, throughout northern and western Europe, as well as in the New World. Contents. The term double reed also refers to collectively to the class of instruments which use double reeds. Which Instruments Feature Double Reeds? Within the family of double reeds are a variety of different instruments, each with their own distinct sound and characteristics.double reed instruments in western europe The shawm the minstrels instrument. It can no longer be ascertained for certain whether modern oboes are direct descendants of the Greek and Roman doublereed instruments or whether they were lost during the migration of peoples in Europe and returned there later by way of Byzantium and Asia.

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In the modern Western musical tradition, there are two main families of doublereed woodwind instruments: oboes and bassoons. Both of these families consist of a number of different instruments, such as the contraforte, contrabassoon, piccolo oboe, the cor anglais or English horn and the bass oboe. Keep Learning. double reed instruments in western europe Bagpipe. Bagpipe, wind instrument consisting of two or more single or doublereed pipes, the reeds being set in motion by wind fed by arm pressure on an animalskin (or rubberizedcloth) bag. The pipes are held in wooden sockets (stocks) tied into the bag, which is inflated either by the mouth (through a blowpipe with a leather nonreturn valve) The instrument's double reed, made of cane, is mounted on a brass tube (called a staple) that is inserted into a countersunk hole at the top end of the head section. . The performer holds the oboe with both hands nearly vertically in front of him or herself with about half of the reed The oboe is of the double reed family of wind or woodwind instruments and was invented in Western Europe in the mid 1700's. Oboes play in the treble or soprano range. Oboes are played with a handmade reed as opposed to a mouthpiece as a clarinet would be played. . Double reed. A single reed consists of one piece of cane which vibrates against a mouthpiece made of metal, hardened rubber, resin, or some other material. The term double reeds can also refer collectively to the class of instruments which use double reeds.

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